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Quick Disaster Recovery

Quick Disaster Recovery

Quick Disaster Recovery Editor's Review

Many times when working on a computer that has been infected with a malwar (virus, worm, trojan horse, spyware, etc), I find myself with the Task Manager, Command Prompt or Registry Editor being disabled. The malware creators usually do this to prevent the user from terminating or killing their process that is running on the system and to keep the user as far as possible from removing their nasty creations.

Of course there are many anti-malware that can remove the infection but most of the times there are minor issues usually left behind by the malware: disabled "Search" or "Run" button in Start menu or missing Folder Options in Windows Explorer. As a fix to quite a few common issues like is a tool called Quick Disaster Recovery.

Beside fixing those minor issues mentioned above, it can serve as a basic Task Manager replacement when the one incorporated in Windows is not be accessible. More then this, you can delete all the temporary internet files using this tool. This can be handy since the virus or malware files could be saved in the temporary internet files.

All options are disabled because nothing is wrong in my system but in case Task Manager for example would be disabled by some malware, I could easily fixed by clicking on "Enable TaskMgr".

To make it clear what Quick Disaster Recovery can do, I'll list all the fixes down. It can: Enable task manager, Enable registry editor, Enable command prompt, Enable Search, Enable Start-Run, Enable ‘Folder Options’, Show hidden files and Fix logon-logoff loop.

The last time I've spent a couple of hours trying to fix some issues left behind by a malware was when a friend asked me to help him with a "virus", he said. At first I thought It will be easy becouse the Antivirus I've just installed was able to find the virus and to disinfect it too but it came out it's not that easy as it's look like.

The Task Manager, Command Prompt could not be accessed. More then this, the Folder Options disappeared from Windows Explorer. Next, I had to search the internet all over to find out how to fix this issues. I had to use a tool called Task Manager Fix to re-enable the disabled Task Manager.

Then, I had to find where is the restrictions placed in Registry that disables the Command Prompt. After some time I found that there is a registry entry called 'DisableCMD' which I had to set back to "0" from "1" and a couple of things more in the Group Policy Editor to re-enable Command Prompt.

Finally while searching how to re-enable the Folder Options from Windows Explorer, I had found Quick Disaster Recovery which became later one of the tools that I keep on my USB stick been portable.

Pluses: Portable and very lightweight;

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: A really useful tool when you need a quick fix to the issues caused by malware.

version reviewed: 1.0

Quick Disaster Recovery Publisher's Description

Quickly recover problems that was created by viruses/malwares: Registry editor has been disable, task manager has been disable. also, contains 'sort-of-task-manager-replacement'.

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